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Jean-Claude et Cindy Mellot

Coteaux du Giennois Gien

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The most important dates

Grape pips found in archaeological digs at Cosne-sur-Loire have been dated back to the 2nd century, suggesting that vines have been planted here for a considerably long time.      In 849, King Charles "le Chauve" (the Bald), confirmed that a donation of vines and property was made by the Bishop of Auxerre to the college of the Church of Saint-Laurent in Cosne.

In 1218, it was recorded that wines from the Giennois vineyards were purchased by the Royal Court of King Charles V in Paris. In January 1566, Charles IX and his mother, Catherine de Médicis stopped in Cosne. Amongst the gifts they were offered were bottles of the finest local wines.

 In 1880, there were 250 wine growers

In 1880, Phylloxera attacks the vineyards.

In 1908, it was the Mildew.

 And now, we count 40 wine growers and only one in Gien !!



The vineyard is located on the slopes of the river Loire, in the departments of the Nièvre and the Loiret and is raised on siliceous or limestone soils.

The Coteaux du Giennois vineyard stretches over fourteen villages.
Aoc since 1998, the vineyard of the giennois extends over more than 15 cities. About 40 km.

765 HA of vineyard is classified.

3 vines are used:

                 * Sauvignon for the white wine
                 * Gamay and Pinot Noir for the red wine and the rosé wine

An assembly of the both vines is necessary to obtain the naming Coteaux du Giennois

80 % / 2 0 %    that is 20 % of Gamay, 20 % of pinot or the opposite


You would like to visit the vineyard and taste our various vintages?

Contact us at or

We welcome buses directly in vineyards (vines) for the groups, the works councils...

( Except in period of grape harvests)

Séverine, the guide, Jean-Claude, the Wine Grower and Cindy, his other daughter which is learning to be a winegrower





A meeting withan excitingfamily 


Jean Claude Mellot proposes you a family visit
Of the Vineyard, accompanied with his wife and daughters.

By crossing vineyards, Séverine, will drive you in the course of the story of the Hillsides of Giennois and the creation of the Domain Mellot.

Cindy, student in vine growing, will pass on to you her knowledge on the techniques of wine making.

Without forgetting the sweetnesses prepared by Christiane to savor in best the various vintages!

Possible guided tour in English